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Diversity, equity and inclusion

At the heart of the Hydrant Programme, we endeavour to constantly lead with our ideals and beliefs that empower our team to develop their potential and bring their authentic self to the workplace and engage with confidence in the world of inclusion. We are not only committed to diversity, but also recognise the opportunity we have to create an equitable organisation built on practices of behavioural, cultural, and structural inclusion.

  • We seek diversity amongst our people, our stakeholders, and our partners.
  • We believe that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is not only the right thing to do but is key to the cultivation of a healthy workforce, encouraging creativity and innovation.
  • We recognise that awareness and reflection alone are not sufficient to evoke the change necessary to realise DEI.
  • We invest in a culture, which supports every individual to feel empowered to express themselves, provide appropriate challenge, feel respected and valued.
  • We design our working practices around the promotion of equity and inclusivity.
  • We invite challenge to our working practices, in order that we might have the opportunity to evolve with appreciation and respect.
  • We are aware that as a devolved employer, each police force supports their own DEI policies as do our stakeholders and partners. However, the Hydrant Programme, as a separate entity, wishes to commit to the position statement above.