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Strategic objectives

The Hydrant Programme will:

  • Improve the police service response to the safeguarding of children and investigation of child sexual abuse.  
  • Increase victim, survivor and public confidence in the police approach. 
  • Develop best practice advice and be a hub for specialist knowledge and expertise. 
  • Provide a learning, review and support capability that meets the needs of senior police leaders and investigators.  
  • Collaborate with other policing programs to enhance the support to forces, partners and stakeholders within the area of vulnerability.   
  • Maintain effective liaison with strategic partners and key stakeholders. 
  • Coordinate the receipt of safeguarding referrals and reports of crime on behalf of police forces in the UK where this adds value.
  • Coordinate the police service response to the IICSA recommendations.
  • Provide a national analysis capability for child sexual abuse and other areas of vulnerability. Collaborate with other policing programmes and partners to develop a wider understanding of scale and threat.