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We're pleased to share with you the Hydrant Programme's Annual Report                                                        for 2022. ANnual Report 2022

In the report you'll find an update on how Hydrant's work has changed since restructuring at the end of July 2022 and the exciting plans ahead in 2023. 

National Police Chiefs Council - Child Protection and Abuse Investigation Lead Ian Critchley said: "As you read (the Annual Report) I hope you are encouraged by the progress being made. Every day I see best practice being shared, and forces investing in their officers and staff by engaging with the programme‚Äôs training offer. This is essential in our fight against offenders. I also see significant progress in terms of the data available to forces as the Complex and Organised Child Abuse Database is developed and rolled out, this will develop further over the next 12 months and indicates real change and innovation."

This Annual Report pulls together all of the work being carried out by teams across the Hydrant Programme which contributes to child protection and abuse investigation at a national, regional and local level. We hope you read and learn more about Hydrant and our aims. 

 Hydrant Programme Annual Report 2022