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National policing lead for child protection responds to launch of Whole-School Approach

The NSPCC has partnered with Life Lessons to launch a new framework for secondary school leaders to support them in delivering sex and relationships in education.


Ian Critchley, National Police Chiefs' Lead for Child Protection said: "Data drawn from every police force in England and Wales tells us that child-on-child offending makes up over 50 per cent of reported child protection related offences. This is a startling statistic, and even more hard hitting when we remind ourselves that behind every number is a vulnerable young person who needs our support and understanding. I am a firm believer that responsibility for addressing this issue lies with not only policing but also parents, third sector partners, education providers and the tech industry.


"I welcome the new Talk Relationships resources developed by the NSPCC in partnership with Life Lessons. They will play an important part in helping students to understanding appropriate behaviours when it comes to sex and relationships. Healthy relationships will lead to safer communities - not only within schools and colleges, but also in a wider sense. Behaviour change begins with conversation, understanding and education, and by developing a resource like the NSPCC have done here, we can all seek to reduce the number of victims suffering harm, as well as seeking to divert young people from the criminal justice system and the impact that this can have on them."


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