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Latest news

  • Deputy Chief Constable Ian Critchley

    22nd Dec 2022

    Stakeholder update Dec 2022

    There is much to reflect on as the year ends, and there is also a great deal to look forward to as we anticipate 2023! 

  • The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse Logo

    2nd Nov 2022

    Stakeholder update Oct 2022

    As we head into the Autumn there’s a lot happening, most notably the publication of the final report from the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

  • Image depicting a Tackling Organised Exploitation (TOEX) Programme document

    4th Oct 2022

    Stakeholder update Sep 2022

    At the beginning of August, we began working to a new set of strategic objectives which sees the programme operating in a much wider vulnerability space.

  • Hydrant Programme logo

    29th Jul 2022

    Stakeholder update Jul 2022

    It’s been a busy few months for the Operation Hydrant team as we prepare to move to our new structure on Monday 1 August.

  • Schoolgirl looking at phone while classmates laugh at her

    6th Jun 2022

    Stakeholder update May 2022

    It's been some time since we updated you on the work of Operation Hydrant, preferring to provide these updates as they are relevant rather than on a fixed rolling cycle.

  • Woman looking at phone

    2nd Mar 2022

    Stakeholder update Feb 2022

    Updates on the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, future structures and national trends.